The Art of Curved Environments

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Designing with curves is an organic journey. The curves can be exotic and sexy, to forms that are fun and whimsical. The model homes in the videos, show case the exotic curves of the BatCasa, and playful sculpted forms in the Casa Blanca Dream home.

Curves in your Home

The Magic

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Remodelling your home?

Re designing or building a new home?  Take a look at the ccSpace design site. Contact Steven Rude for more information on redesigning and integrating some fantasy in to your home.

Subtle Re-Design

When we are designing your home: We can incorporate subtle, less dramatic sculpted forms to accent and enhance your existing design style. Designing with curves, is a big leap into the unknown for most people. That is why I suggest starting off with a smaller interior design project. Enhance Your House

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A VIDEO Walk into Fantasy

What a Curve Feels Like.     A Soft Warm Space


Designing with curves, frees you from the conventional boxy options available in the market.  A curved space opens the mind to creative thinking. The curves in a room are softer to look at, and give you a feeling of warmth. An angular hard edged room is cold, ouster, lacking harmony & flow. There is a video of krazy container home designs and a VFX demo reel from my film work.

Where to Start In a Project

Where to Start?   An Interior Design? An Outdoor Space?

  • Designing with curves, is a big leap into the unknown for most people. That is why I suggest starting off with a smaller interior design project. Use the sculpted curves to enhance what is already working in your home. Start with an Outdoor, sculptural terrace in the garden, or perhaps a living wall. An exotic cave Jacuzzi spa is great project to start your journey into curved organic designs.

The process of  creating an organic house

Many people ask:

How do you make these crazy houses? And, do you take a lot of drugs? The answer to the 2nd is, no, only the occasional aspirin. When it comes to designing the rooms in the house, everything starts out with some curves in the computer, and a few dreams. Designs are drafted out in 3D on the computer, and re-worked. My team of artist cement workers see the designs from many different perspectives. The curves are then roughed out using plastic tubing, to actual size. The forms are first built in metal bar and wire mesh. The wire mesh is filled with cement. A smooth finished top coat of cement completes the surface. The magical design is transformed from the computer to something real. Wow, it’s like having a big 3D printer.

ccSpace Designer Steven Rude

Designing for Krazyhomes

Steven Rude has always wanted the 3D designs on the computer to come to life. Having designed and built a couple of curvy cool  homes in San Miguel Mexico, it is now a reality. Rude says “It’s like having a big 3D printer. Wow! I love being surrounded by art sculptures you can touch”. As a 3D special effects designer, Steven Rude has worked on many films and TV commercials. Steven has worked on 2 Harry Potter Films, for IMAX: Worked on The Mike Holmes, 'Holmes Makes it Right' TV show as a senior visual effects artist, and worked on many commercials for Family Channel and The Movie Channel. “I had the great opportunity to teach 3D design and animation for Centennial College and the Toronto Film School in China and India, which allowed me to travel thru Asia”. The desire for travel and adventure has continued for Steven, now living in San Miguel and designing KrazyHomes.

Welcome to Curvy Cool Space
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ccSpace Designer Steven Rude